Living Express Karl | いきもの特急カール

A children's picture book written and illustrated by Tatsuro Kiuchi.
Client: Iwasakishoten

 This is a story that takes place only a little further in the future than the present. They used to live on a very large planet, many times larger than Earth. But one thing brought them to Earth.

 Because the clouds were always so low on that star that they could be touched with their hands, they could not develop a vehicle that could fly through the sky. There were boats, but they were of little use as vehicles for transporting passengers. The southern hemisphere of this planet was entirely sea, while the northern hemisphere was entirely land. The reason for this is that there was no need for a ship to float on the sea as a means of transportation.

 For this reason, the most effective means of transportation was the railroad. The Karls, who were incredibly fast on their feet, played an important role in pulling trains to travel across vast areas of land at great speed. This tribe has been pulling the train for generations. The train is for the "walking trees," the inhabitants of this planet.

 There was no wind on this planet. The trees could walk, so they could move around, but the star was too big, and there was no wind, so they had a hard time transporting their seeds far. The people of the area thrived by riding on the trains pulled by the Karls and traveling long distances. In exchange for helping them travel, Karl and his tribe received fruit to eat.

 When Karl and his friends came to Earth, the fruits they had on Earth were not as useful as food for them as they were. However, a seed of a walking tree was found in the body of one of Karl's companions, and by crossbreeding with earth plants, he produced a fruit they could eat. They were able to gather fruits that they could eat.

 It has been a while since Karl and his tribe first appeared on Earth. Many things have happened, but now they are getting along well with the human race.

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