An illustration inspired by the Luc Besson film DOGMAN.

As a person who loves dogs, I immensely enjoyed watching this film. I thought this film was rich in color, and the image I wanted to depict grew in my head from the glimpsed images of dogs. I tried to capture the atmosphere of the many dogs that appear in the film, whether they are laughing, angry, cute, or scary.

リュック・ベッソン 監督最新作!『DOGMANドッグマン』のイラストレーション

Book cover illustration for Uit het leven van een hond, a novel by Sander Kollaard.
Client: Shinchosha

Book cover illustration for The Friends, a novel by Sigrid Nunez.
Client: Shinchosha

Book cover illustration for The Boy and The Dog, a novel by Seishu Hase.
Client: Viking

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