Illustrations for the Hyundai Editorial DePartment
Client: Hyundai
Illustrated Jeongbae Park, a columnist specializing in Korean food. He goes to venerable eateries in various regions and writes about the secrets of flavor. In this issue, he visits the town of Angirang, famous for its offal cuisine in Daegu, and introduces some of its famous restaurants.
韓国のフードライターJeongbae Parkさんを描きました。 起源する文献をもとに、各地域由緒ある飲食店い、秘密についてきます。今回は大邱の内臓料理有名な「アンジラン」れ、有名レストランを紹介しています。

Illustrated the beginnings of "Sho-ga," which combines calligraphy and painting, 
and the contemporary Korean painters who inherited it.
From left to right are Kim Ho-deuk, center, Suh se-ok, and right, Lee Bae.
左からKim Ho-deukさん、Suh se-okさん、Lee Baeさんです。

It is about experimental art in Daegu with PARK Hyunki (Video artist), 
a leading artist of the movement and the city of Daegu.
大邱の実験美術について、その運動を代表する作家であるPARK Hyunkiさん(Video artist)と大邱の街です。

The editorial team chose the Daegu area as the theme for a year-long look at the city from an artistic and historical perspective, and I painted portraits of Korean artists who worked in and around Daegu in the 1920s and 1930s.

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