Piece for Dialogue : The fine art of conversation, curated by Mark Murphy
LAのデザイナーMark MurphyキュレーションのDialogueという作品集に寄稿した作品

This is a pre-paid JR (Japan Railway) transit card worth 5,000 Yen.
With this card, I can take almost all the JR trains. Every time I pass the card through the ticketing machine to board the train, the date, the station name, and the available balance will be printed. Every time I disembark, the same will happen. This information is printed in Japanese characters.

That is to say, this transit card records a segment of time in my life. If I collect all the cards I use until the end of my life, then I will have a record of how much of my life has been spent on the train.

In my artwork, the forest is me, my brain, my thoughts, or my life itself and the trains run though it. When I am on the train, I look, I breathe, I think, I read, and sometimes I sleep.

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