The Earthling

Earthling is a serial comic strip I was contributing to the quarterly magazine "The Thinker" (Kangaeru Hito), published by Shinchosha publishing. The idea to personify the planet Earth into the central character came about when I was contemplating the issues of global warming. The comic strip at first appears to be about environmental issues but in fact is a nonsensical manga. The cast of characters include an earth hugger, tea stalk, fairy of dust (aka "dust angel"), an invisible dog, and a human plant. 
The book contains 51 stories in English and 102 stories in Japanese.
Way Back
A Day on The Planet
Telephone 1
Telephone 2
Dust Angel
Fur Coat 1
Fur Coat 2
Chance Encounter
My Strict Father
Global Warming
Raw Egg
Human Plant
Garbage Bag

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