Panasonic OPEN
The Secret Life of Pitchers
The Atlantic
Casey at the Bat
2013 Masters
Golf Digest
Been down this road before
Been down this road before 勇者たちへの伝言
Kanreki Shonen
Golf Forest
Golf Forest ゴルフの森
SIGNATURE sports essay series
SIGNATURE sports essay series
Haru 春、風まとう
Baseball in Late Summer
Every Second Counts
Book cover for Every Second Counts by Lance Armstrong. Client: Gakken ランス・アームストロング著『毎秒が生きるチャンス』装画/学研
The Last Superstar
The Last Superstar 夏の少年たち
Yomiuri Giants Won?
Yomiuri Giants Won? ジャイアンツ優勝?/文藝春秋 Number
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