Not so polar bear

Image for the curated exhibition, EARTH: Fragile Planet at The Society of Illustrators. This piece received a gold medal in the institutional category in ILLUSTRATORS 53.

I thought it would be striking to show a polar bear in the forest. He is now forced to live in the mountain because there are no ice floats left for him to hunt for seals in the arctic. There he is standing with his hands and mouth soaking in blood. I presented the bear being rather cute, not menacing looking at all to imply that this is the reality, and this is the nature. He doesn't have to be angry. He is just doing what he has to do to stay alive. The earth will keep rotating whether the natural environment is being destroyed or not.

世界中から120人ほどのイラストレーターが作品を寄せる、The Society of Illustrators主催のEARTH: Fragile Planetというグループ展の参加作品です。Society of IllustratorsのILLUSTRATORS 53 Gold Medal 受賞作品。

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