Living memories of the town

Mizuho Information & Research Institute asked Naoko Higashi, who is a well know tanka poet, to pick a town around Tokyo to come up with a tanka poem about the town with a short essay for their quarterly corporate brochure. I contributed a spot illustration every time.
This was a serial project and lasted 2 years. So once every three months, with Naoko, along with 2 editors, I went out to a town for rambling. We usually met around noon, and sometimes had lunch there, then strolled around and stopped by famous spots within the town for a couple of hours. I took a lot of pictures for reference and inspiration.
Client: Mizuho Information & Research Institute
Uguisudani / Tofu shop
Minaminagasaki / Tezuka Osamu / Tokiwa-so
Azabu Juban
Morishita / Matsuo Basho / Kiyosumi Teien park
Todoroki gully
Tabata / Akutagawa Ryunosuke
Narihirabashi / Tokyo Sky Tree

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