Seals, whales and Penguins
Making Meaning
Teacher's Manuals
Gon the Sherpa dog of Mt. Koyasan
A Star Fragment
A rainbow in the desert
A rainbow in the desert サバクの虹
Joy of Listening
Joy of Listening 大人だって聞きたい!
Happy Birthday Coco
Happy Birthday Coco ハッピーバースデーココ
Ame Po Po Po
Ame Po Po Po あまぽぽぽ
The Red Ninja
The Red Ninja あかにんじゃ
Umi Za Za Za
The Sea Za Za Za うみざざざ
Let's go out for a ride!
Let's go out for a ride! のっていこう
How could you?
How could you? どうして?
The light of the tide
Illustrations for The light of the tide, a story written by Hiroyuki Agawa. Clients: Poplar Publishing 阿川弘之さんの短編『光の潮』挿絵/ポプラ社
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